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Freelance Road Trip Podcast is by a freelance designer for freelance creatives, and talks about everything they didn't teach you in design school but should have if you want to build an accelerate a creative business. The podcast is a companion to the Freelance Road Trip program for creativepreneurs, and drops every week on Thursday, sometimes on Friday, and occasionally on Saturday.

Nov 23, 2019

In this episode we’re talking about using the language of business in your own business and with clients. The words you use matter. Not only that, but adopting a business vocabulary helps you make good decisions for your own business and create common ground with your clients’ concerns.

Nov 14, 2019

Getting paid what a project is worth is challenging. This is especially true if you need to charge more but you feel bad for the client, or fear losing them because they might think you’re overpriced. On this episode, I share several mindset shifts creative freelancers can easily make to position themselves...

Nov 9, 2019

If you're struggling with clients who don't respect your work or your value to them, the reason could be that you're not educating them in how you want them to relate to you. Overcome assumptions on their part and create an easier relationship by positioning yourself as a valuable creative partner in their success....

Nov 1, 2019

Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) is an expansion of California law making it more difficult to qualify as independent contractors. The law requires a 3-criteria test to determine whether a freelancer is considered independent or an employee. Certain types of freelancer–client relationships will drastically change when the law...